Podcast: Captian “Sully” Sullenberger talks about the Future of Patient Safety

Does the United States need an agency like the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate and prevent cases of medical harm? Captain “Sully” Sullenberger thinks so. Best known as pilot the who miraculously landed US Airways Flight #1549 in the Hudson River, after a flock of geese struck and disabled the plane’s engines Sully has become an outspoken advocate for applying the lessons learned by the aviation industry (known as Crew Resource Management) to the world of medicine. Sully also wrote the foreword to our book, Beyond the Checklist: What Else Health Care Can Learn from Aviation Teamwork and Safety (The Culture and Politics of Health Care Work).

In this podcast with Stanford School of Medicine Sully discusses the proposed agency and why he believes it’s critical for medicine to adapt safety lessons from the aviation industry. Have a listen!

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